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A Brief Introduction

Origins of the Game

Central Canada
- CIRFU 1898-1914
- Post WWI 1919-39
- Post WWII 1946-54
- A New Era 1955-66
- Ontario & Quebec 1967-79
- Ontario & Quebec 1980-

Western Canada
- WIRFU 1927-58
- WIFL 1959-1971
- CWUAA 1972-1998
- CW 1999-Present

Atlantic Canada
- Nova Scotia 1940-57
- NB and PEI 1948-57
- Atlantic Canada 1958-73
- AUFC 1974-Present

National and Regional Championships
- Introduction
- Churchill Bowl 1953-1964
- Churchill Bowl 1965-2002
- Atlantic Bowl 1959-2001
- Mitchell Bowl 2002-Present
- Uteck Bowl 2003-Present
- Vanier Cup 1965-Present

Conference Membership
- Atlantic
- Ontario
- Quebec
- West


A History of Canadian University Football
By Robert E. Watkins, B.A., M.Sc., Ph.D. - revised May 2006

Canadian Football in Halifax and Nova Scotia 1940-1957

  • Until the second World War, English rugby and soccer were the predominant "football" games played in the Maritime Intercollegiate Athletic Association (MIAA, founded in 1910) aside from a very brief flirtation with American four-down football in the late 1930s

  • With the influx of servicemen from other parts of Canada (where Canadian football was a popular sport) to Armed Forces Bases in the area such as the Stadacona, Shearwater and Cornwallis Naval Bases and the Greenwood Air Force Base, Canadian-rules football gained more prominence in the Halifax area and, not surprisingly, was taken up by some of the local universities and colleges

  • 1942 and 1944-46 - Saint Mary's High School/College fielded a team in the Halifax High School Canadian Football League (HHSCFL)

  • 1947 - Dalhousie University first fielded a team in the intermediate Halifax City Canadian Football League (HCCFL), a league consisting of teams from the Stadacona and Shearwater Naval Bases and the Saint Mary's Grads; the latter team, made up of students from Saint Mary's College (SMC) and the Saint Mary's Amateur Athletic Club, lasted only one year in the league

  • 1948 - Dalhousie hosted an exhibition game in Halifax against the McGill seconds (McGill's intermediate team); score: McGill 12, Dalhousie 5

  • 1951 - The Nova Scotia Canadian Football League (NSCFL) is formed replacing the HCCFL, Dalhousie is a member of this new intermediate league along with armed forces and community teams

  • 1952 - Saint Mary's College (SMC) becomes Saint Mary's University (SMU)

  • 1952 - Royal Military College (RMC), Kingston, Ontario, of the Ottawa-St.Lawrence Intercollegiate Football Conference (OSLIFC) played an exhibition game against Dalhousie in Halifax; score: RMC 46, Dalhousie 24

  • 1953 - St. Francis Xavier University (StFX) fielded a Canadian-rules football team for the first time, the team played exhibition games in their first season

  • 1953 - The Nova Scotia Junior Canadian Football League (NSJCFL) was formed; it had varying membership over the years which included SMU, StFX, Armed Forces and Halifax community teams

  • 1954 - StFX joined the NSCFL, increasing the number of varsity sides in the intermediate league to two

  • 1954 - McMaster University of Hamilton, Ontario, played an exhibition game against the StFX intermediates at Antigonish, N.S.; score: McMaster 35, StFX 13

  • 1956 - Acadia University fielded its first Canadian-rules football team; it played two exhibition games in that inaugural season against an Armed Services team from Halifax and the University of New Brunswick

  • 1957 - Acadia joined the NSJCFL

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