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A Brief Introduction

Origins of the Game

Central Canada
- CIRFU 1898-1914
- Post WWI 1919-39
- Post WWII 1946-54
- A New Era 1955-66
- Ontario & Quebec 1967-79
- Ontario & Quebec 1980-

Western Canada
- WIRFU 1927-58
- WIFL 1959-1971
- CWUAA 1972-1998
- CW 1999-Present

Atlantic Canada
- Nova Scotia 1940-57
- NB and PEI 1948-57
- Atlantic Canada 1958-73
- AUFC 1974-Present

National and Regional Championships
- Introduction
- Churchill Bowl 1953-1964
- Churchill Bowl 1965-2002
- Atlantic Bowl 1959-2001
- Mitchell Bowl 2002-Present
- Uteck Bowl 2003-Present
- Vanier Cup 1965-Present

Conference Membership
- Atlantic
- Ontario
- Quebec
- West


A History of Canadian University Football
By Robert E. Watkins, B.A., M.Sc., Ph.D. - revised May 2006

National and Regional Championships

Churchill Bowl 1965 to 2002

  • 1965 - The Churchill Bowl was retired from competition as a consequence of the establishment of an invitational, national university football championship by the Canadian Interuniversity Athletic Union (CIAU) in 1965--the Canadian College Bowl--the winner to receive a new trophy donated by the incumbent Governor General of Canada: the Vanier Cup

  • 1967 - The Canadian College Bowl for the Vanier Cup became potentially a truly national championship game with the winners of the four university leagues at the time--AUFC, CCIFC, OQAA and WIFL--meeting in two semi-final games, the Atlantic Bowl and a second bowl game

  • 1967 - While an Atlantic Bowl game was played this year, the other semi-final bowl game did not take place; Toronto (the Yates Cup winner) was to play Alberta (the Hardy Trophy winner), however, the SIFL/OQAA declined to participate in the post-season bowl game citing scheduling problems and academic pressures; it is of interest to note that the vote was 3 to 1 against participation with Toronto casting the only vote in favour of playing the game, unfortunately for the Varsity Blues, the league decision prevailed

  • 1968 - The inaugural game of the second semi-final bowl game which was later to become known as the Churchill Bowl took place; Queen's of the OQAA played Manitoba of the WIFL for the right to advance to the Vanier Cup

  • 1979 - Queen's of the OQIFC East and Western of the OQIFC West met in the post-season, semi-final bowl game (which was later to be called the Churchill Bowl), OQIFC league officials decided that the winner of this match would be awarded the Yates Cup as overall OQIFC league champions instead of declaring joint winners as had been the case for the 1974-1978 seasons, Western prevailed 32-14 and laid sole claim to the Cup as well as the right to advance to the Canadian College Bowl

  • 1989 - The Churchill trophy, which had been in storage at McGill for more than twenty years, was resurrected at the request of the CIAU for presentation to the winner of the semi-final bowl game heretofore known variously as the Western Bowl, the Central Bowl, the Prairie Bowl and the Forest City Bowl; in the CIAU record book (i.e., the CIAU Almanac), these previous bowl games (from 1968 to 1988) have been retroactively listed as Churchill Bowl games

  • 2003 - The Churchill Bowl and trophy were retired once again, this time before the commencement of the 2003 football season upon the establishment of a new semi-final bowl game for the 2003 season--the Mitchell Bowl; the CIAU Almanac (post 2003-04) now lists all prior Churchill Bowl games under the Mitchell Bowl heading

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