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    Default Mac & Laval - NOT Avatar challenge

    What the hell!!! I can't stand it no more!!!

    Not ONE thread started here since October 27, 2010.

    Even worse, only TWO posts in that thread, apparently by members of the same family, of all things...

    Yet, soooo many threads in the LOS during the semis & bowl games arguing that Mac was better than Western and Axe, Axe was better than SMU and Mac, Calgary was better than UBC and Laval, and Laval was better than every body else combined.

    But, and it a BIG BUTT, no Avatar challenge at all in the 2011 season.

    I think I understand why:
    • McMaster has only been to the VC ONCE since 1967 and lost 10 - 9 to Alberta due to atrocious coaching.
    • Mac fans are so petrified that coaching will be sub-standard again that they called on WLU fans to try to convince them that they have a remote chance of winning.
    • Mac fans going to the VC games are booking some big poker games so that their trip won't be a total waste.
    • Meanwhile, Laval fans are winning the mind game in the trenches

    Well, here is some advice to Mac fans not used to having their team make it to THE big game, from a fan who has NEVER seen his team go to ANY big game:
    • Show some spirit, for Pete's sake. Your team is fighting your battles. The least you can do for it is to put your Avatar on the line.
    • If you lose, you'll at least have the satisfaction of having gone the extra mile to support your team.
    • IF you WIN, I truly pity them poor Laval fans...
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    VC @ PEPS - No better place to have it!!!

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