Just thought I'd introduce myself.... a rather schizophrenic footballaholic.
I want to eventually change the avatar to a gaiters/marauders combo. My alma mater is Mac (also UofT but thats another matter).... but my son will be attending Bishops this year. It does give me the hope for a mac and bishops vanier though! (probably good chance for Mac but poor odds for Bishops to get out of the Q)

I live in Puslinch which is bordered by Guelph and Waterloo County so somedays I am cheering on the Hawks or the Warriors and gryphons.

I have been hovering on this board ... and others ...learning the lingo, the pecking order and enjoying the banter. Even before educating myself on this board, the persona of "Them" was evident. So its not just a football trait.

I am an avid Argos fan ... and my husband is a TiCat fan... and I do try and follow the Canadians in the CFL. (this year I think I have become a partial Stamps fan following Sinopoli on their roster)

I am looking forward to taking some trips down to the Eastern Townships for some games. It has always been my philosophy that you send your kids to school in nice places to visit.
The one question I do have.... what time do the tailgaters start on a SUnday Laval/Bishops game? I am looking forward to experiencing the funtimes in October... especially since there is limited tailgating in Ont. for the CIS games and also limited for the Argos

Cheers to all,