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Thread: SMU cuts its womenís hockey program.

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    Thumbs down SMU cuts its womenís hockey program.

    X Coach Synishin 'Blindsided' by SMU Decision

    Courtesy Willy Palov, The Chronicle Herald

    St. Francis Xavier X-Womenís head coach David Synishin said he was "completely blindsided" by the announcement on Friday that Saint Maryís University cut its womenís hockey program.

    Synishin wonders how the AUS will change now that it has been reduced to a six-team league.

    "Iím very disappointed," Synishin said. "Our league has gotten strong over the last number of years and I think there are implications beyond losing a very good program thatís done well over the years. Itís going to affect our league, our playoff format, our schedule and other things. When I got the news I was just dumbfounded. It was one of the last programs I thought that would happen to."

    The quality of play in the AUS had improved in recent years to the point where Atlantic teams were making more noise on the national stage. The X-Women made it to this yearís CIS championship game and the Moncton Aigles Blues claimed a bronze medal in 2009.

    "We lost a couple shootout games to get into the gold-medal game three or four years ago as well and the Saint Maryís program itself was very competitive," Synishin said. "They went to the nationals and won a game last year against Montreal at the nationals. Theyíve been here from the start and (coach Lisa Jordan) has been very dedicated to the program and done a great job with it. Just looking back at last year, they won an AUS championship and that spoke volumes about her coaching and how the program has progressed as well."

    "With UNB dropping its program a couple years ago, I didnít think weíd see it again in this conference, especially with Saint Maryís," he added. "I look at the universities where the menís programs are very strong with UNB and Saint Maryís winning national titles over the last number of years. Those are (successes) that help build the entire hockey program so itís still difficult to believe weíve lost another womenís team from our league."

    Dalhousie coach Lesley Jordan was equally surprised by the announcement.

    "Blindsided is a pretty accurate description," said Jordan, in assessing her thoughts on the announcement. "I donít think anyone thought it would or could happen. It came out of nowhere and is definitely shocking.

    "There are a number of concerns and a long list of repercussions when something like this happens. And absolutely one of the biggest concerns is the players. They are here to play hockey, go to school and enjoy the whole experience. And to have it taken out from underneath them doesnít seem fair."
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