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Thread: Frankly Speaking: Rams spring scrimmage breaks out into occasional hockey game

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    Cool Frankly Speaking: Rams spring scrimmage breaks out into occasional hockey game

    I see the Rams have removed the second sentence of the second paragraph from the article on their website. They're not getting off that easy:

    Frankly Speaking: Rams spring scrimmage breaks out into occasional hockey game

    By Greg Urbanoski

    May 2, 2010

    On a May 2 that felt more like November 2, the University of Regina Rams wrapped up their 2010 spring camp with a scrimmage that featured more than one scrap, the drafting of receiver Jordan Sisco by the Saskatchewan Roughriders, and some interesting contributions that will make cuts difficult for the coaching staff.

    The day began with news that Sisco, who was in Indianapolis trying out for the NFL Colts, had been drafted eighth overall by the Saskatchewan Roughriders. While it is debatable that news fired up the Rams as they hit the field, seeing Stan Van Sichem, formerly of the Rams and now of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers, watching on the sidelines, should have impressed on them that the Rams do a better job than say, the University of Saskatchewan Huskies, in preparing players for professional football.

    Rams Head Coach Frank McCrystal talked to local media prior to the scrimmage, in particular about news that Sisco had been drafted by the Roughriders.

    "With Sisco down there in camp and then being drafted by his hometown team, he is pretty excited," said McCrystal.

    "I suppose we might get Jordan back, but I have no idea what the Riders may do with the receivers they have. But first round draft picks usually don't come back but we'll see."

    The weather, believe it or not, did improve from Friday night's snow, sleet, rain and locusts to just the occasional flurry and mostly wind by Sunday afternoon. The weather might have hampered a full evaluation of player talents, but McCrystal said it worked in other ways as well.

    "The weather has been miserable and cold but it's been like that right across the country," said McCrystal. "The guys have come out, they've prepared and they've worked hard and got through to today."

    McCrystal said the defense has been more intense and physical, but he said they still had a long way to go to get to the level he expects. He felt the defense still hadn't bought into the concept of getting across the line of scrimmage and disrupting the offensive backfield.

    "The guys really want to make the team and everyone we brought out here is a good football player," said McCrystal. "Many of them have been all-stars, most valuable players, athletes of the year from their school. They're going to come, they want to play and they want to be part of the team.

    "We're not keeping guys for the sake of keeping them. You have to be someone able to contribute to the team and they all want to be part of it and they want to buy into it."

    McCrystal said he was happy at the end of scrimmage with the play of the defense. He felt they played better than they had in some time and offensively the team did some things well in challenging circumstances.

    "When Matt Lang pulled a muscle and wasn't able to participate and Dylan Hart who pulled something early on the weekend so we were down to two quarterbacks. Given we didn't have the most experienced quarterbacks in there that we did pretty darn well. Defensively we were very happy offensively we understand but we did good things there."

    McCrystal said there were some players who the coaches want to review the video to determine their performance.

    Among the players was Shida Wang, a wide receiver from China who before the spring camp had never put on a pair of shoulder pads before. McCrystal was impressed with the spirit and the initiative shown by the young man, who is a English as a Second Language student at the University of Regina.

    "He's a great athlete and he's never played football," said McCrystal. "He's watched football on the Internet in China. He played Madden so he kind of has an understanding of some things.

    "He's a great athlete. Catches the ball but he's probably a little far off right now. But he's going to be around so probably what we're going to do with Wang is let him come out and let him catch the ball and let him understand the game better and understand English better because he doesn't speak English much at all.

    "He's an interesting character and he wanted to come to school here because of the Regina Rams that he found on the Internet and the Saskatchewan Roughriders. So he loves his football."
    I guess the Huskies will just have to be content with one fewer player in a pro league. That, and a 16-6 lifetime record, four consecutive wins (the last three of which the Huskies outscorred the Rams 105 to 49), a lifetime point differential of + 292, four Hardy Cups to one since the Rams entered the league, four first place finishes to none since the Rams entered the league, and 5,000 fans per game as opposed to the Rams 1,500 or so.

    But at least the Rams have something over the Huskies!
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