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Thread: Dinos/Huskies - Hardy Trophy Wrap Up

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    Default Dinos/Huskies - Hardy Trophy Wrap Up

    Congratulations to the Calgary Dino's. They are an outstanding team. It looked like the Dogs were going to pull this game out, but it just wasn't meant to be. Thank you to all of the graduating Huskies for pouring your heart into this great program.

    The Positives:

    -Outstanding play by the offensive line. They opened big holes for O'Gorman, and offered great protection for Laurence Nixon.
    -It was a tough way to finish, but Grant Shaw played a great game. Hold your head high were, IMO, our team M.V.P. this season.
    -Tyler O'Gorman ended his career with an outstanding game, and gained 162 yards on 24 carries against a defense that I don't think had allowed a 100 yard rusher all season.
    -The offense, in all phases, was really good today.
    -Defense did a good job, again, of slowing down Matt if we can just figure out how to do the same thing to Glavic...

    -Glavic was the difference for Calgary today. His scrambling ability really extended a lot of drives. He was the best player on the field.
    -Congratulations to Richard Snyder on an outstanding game.
    -Calgary showed heart (both teams did actually) and were able to continually come back when they were behind on the scoreboard.

    The Negatives:

    -Allowed too many big plays on 2nd & long.
    -As good as the offense was, we left some points off the board and had to settle for field goals a couple times too many. I was surprised that we went into a shotgun formation on 2nd and goal from the 1 yard line on one possession, and then we didn't gamble on 3rd down, which surprised and disappointed nearly every Huskie fan in the stadium.

    -Kicking game will have to be better for the Dino's if they hope to win it all.
    -The Dino's pass defense struggled mightily.

    Again, congratulations to the Calgary Dinosaurs - consider me a supporter of yours for the remainder of the season. Good luck in Halifax next week!
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