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Thread: Cost of university education in 18 years

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    Why must we assume inflation is mandatory?? Most peoples wages, skilled and unskilled have been rolled back over the past 5-7 yrs. Fuel and basic living expenses have gone up significantly. Ottawa fan, with all due respect, if tuition rates go up another 9 times in the next 30 yrs, parents with be paying $55,000/yr in tuition alone. I don't see wages increasing lock step

    University degrees will be for the elite only in the next 10-15 yrs or so
    Thanks for LaTuque for reminding me of this.

    Here we are five years later and tuition fees have gone up, and I am replying to an ancient post eek!

    Ontario has introduced new breaks for low-income students, based on family income, to help them for 2017.

    University was only for the elite in Ontario prior to 1965 , the year that Ontario introduced OSAP. Prior to 1965 only about 13% of the pop had uni degrees or were attending uni. Community College diplomas were almost non-exist as the Ontario Community College system was just in its start up stages in 1965. Today, about half of Ontario's adults has a uni degree or college diploma.

    "Why must we assume that inflation is mandatory?" We must assume it because the central banks of the world are dictating that it is. They want some inflation in the economic system, but not too much. The Bank of Canada has stated that they want the average yearly inflation rate to be 2%.
    They use the monetary tools at their disposal to try to keep it close to 2%. If the Bank of Canada is successful in fulfilling their goals over a long period, and using the Rule of 72, the cost of living doubles every 36 years. Note:--there is no guarantee they will be successful in controlling inflation.

    To retain the status quo--wages and tuition fees -would also need to go up near the same rate. No guarantee that we will be able to achieve that either.We can just hope that we can keep things in check,or even make them better.
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