Great day for talk radio ....

I've been following this site for what seems like years, and for some reason never got to setting up an account. Seems like now's a good a time as any! Laurier grad (coming up on 20 years), still hit 2-3 home games and 1-2 away games a year. Happily bringing the kids to the games now (they're not quite brainwashed yet but my 6 year old "gets it" enough to know that when he wakes up Saturday morning he might as well get into his purple-and-gold gear) - my wife is banned as we have recorded and verifiable history that says when she comes, WLU loses. I think we're both OK with that decision.

I'm somewhat of a homer - but all real fans have a home base somewhere to start with - but I'm also a CIS football fan more than anything. When people ask I always say I'll follow CIS football through to the end of the season, then CFL, and then I'll pick up the NFL game. Simply don't have time to cover all 3 so might as well rank them in order of interest.

Favourite game - 2005 Vanier Cup (in the stands with kids and friends, colder than I'd been in ages, last minute win - it really truly doesn't get any better than that), with a close second being the 2004 Uteck. You guys put on a great day, I expect to be back later this year!