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    Default Hello/Bonjour!

    I never knew this site existed and only stumbled upon it by accident. I've been a huge college football fan since about 1990, but it's been a passion I've had to enjoy by myself. I even travelled to my first Vanier Cup last year solo. It was worth it despite not being able to feel my toes by the 3rd quarter.

    As you might imagine, I'm thrilled to have found and talk to other people who share the same interest. My alma mater is Dalhousie University. Yes, I know we don't have a team, but that has never stopped me from going to games, and rooting for whom ever.

    Thankfully, I've finally found friends who will go to games with me. I'm heading to see University of Toronto host Waterloo on Oct 17th. I'm interested in volunteering my services to help promote college football at a school somewhere. Any one want to bite? I'm a smart fella!

    Please bring football to Dalhousie so I'll have a true home team to support and cheer for. Go Tigers! Till that happens, may the best team win!
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