Now Dave Murphy is an American but does anyone know where Michael Stevenson comes from? I googled his name but came up with nothing. Wouldn't that be a kick in the head if we had brought in two Americans to run our taxed paid for university and they simply turned around and took it out of Canada - stupid Canadians for letting this happen. And then, how much of the university's budget does come from our taxes? Wouldn't that possibly mean we the tax payers should decide where they play? When I pay taxes, I have this silly idea that it should go to the development of my national community and not to under-cut it.
I look upon the CFL and CIS football as one big football endeavour with the ultimate goal of developing the Canadian game and so adding to our national fabric and even that sense of who we are. It’s about our football, our fun and …us. They work hand in hand as a healthy CFL (hopefully expanding) gives the CIS footballer a professional level to aspire to and a healthy growing CIS gives the CFL a greater pool of future players. Everybody wins including the Canadian public in general as the more often we have Canadians doing Canadian things in front of Canadians, it can only lead to nurturing and enhancing that sense of who we are and what our national community is. But as I read in SFU News On-line, according to David Murphy, SFU’s senior director of athletics, "We are reaching back to the original intentions and philosophy of the university’s founders: to offer a great Canadian education with the ability to compete athletically in the NCAA." It seems a little off-putting that those with this sensibility are willing to take the best we have to offer as a country but not do their part in adding to or building it. I think the rule is, “if you wanna take out, ya gotta put it” and how many SFU football players have CFL aspirations? That “original philosophy” is like saying, “I really love living here but I just don’t want to have to associate with the place.” This raises the question, “How difficult can it be to be a Canadian?” Evidently, too difficult for some given the dark and ominous cloud of American media we live under. I once heard that the ultimate purpose of American media is to make obedient, totally involved little Americans out of whoever is watching, listening or reading. If the leadership of SFU is any indication, it’s working. But I would strongly suggest that we have a right and obligation to protect ourselves from this sort of low-intelligent spineless response to American media especially when that low-intelligence is occupying seats of power and influence like the presidency of one of our universities. Obviously some strong action is necessary maybe including demands for resignation for the likes of Stevenson and Murphy. Contact your MP’s and MLA’s and emphasise that it’s our money these clowns are playing with and if they can’t use it in a respectful manner to those who provide it, tell them they can’t have any. I prefer maintaining the funding and throwing the bastards out replacing them with individuals who appreciate the responsibility to all of us their positions hold so Simon Fraser can continue as a great institution of higher learning and contributor to our national community. This “American-wannabe-ism” is like a cancer if ignored and there are already rumblings of heading south out at UBC. And you might recall this is not the first time as ten or fifteen years ago, they were entertaining similar ideas until a public outcry silenced them. Contact your political representatives, alumni associations, T.V, radio and newspapers and make sure this affront, this insult goes no further.
It’s hard to believe that any university could be considering such a dumb move especially at this time considering the great progress the CIS has been making in football. Attendance is up, games are being televised and quality is definitely on the rise. It’s only going to get better and don’t be surprise if that learning/development curve is going to be a sharp one. I truly hope everyone is willing to do their part in making it happen and the most pressing issue is keeping SFU in fold.