AS a SFU Clan Football alumni who played both in the CIS and the NAIA, this move to NCAA DIV. 2 is an absolute f***ing disgrace. I cannot stress this enough.

I tried to bring attention to this many months ago within the Univerity administration and the alumni but it fell on deaf ears. The almuni, 95% of them played in the NAIA therefore they support the move. They think the league they played in was better than the CIS and they were the first to bring this to our attention when we had success in the CIS in 2003. And the rest of the alumni don't care enough.

This brings me to the point of quality of competition. Why switch leagues to one that is of "better quality" when you can't even consistantly be successfull in the CIS? (Maybe women's basketball is an exception) Having seen both leagues first hand I still think this point is up for debate. There are good teams and bad teams in each league and programs do go through cycles. When I played WWU had a good program but they have folded, Central Washington was also a good program, Humbolt was a joke.

The way I see it SFU athletics adminstration supports this move for 3 reasons. 1.$ They do not have enough money to pay for expensive travel in the CIS. Yes teams bus 13 hours plus one way to Arcata California 2.$ They think they can run teams on a shoestring budget and have losing season after losing season and no one will care because they are playing against supposed "better competition". And if they do have success they will look like hero's. 3.$ They would have to work way too hard to make/keep teams competitive in the CIS or cut teams from athletics in order to stay in the CIS with the budget they have. So moving back to historical roots in the USA is an easy way out. SIDEPOINT: It would be interesting to compare athletics budgets of GNAC schools and SFU/CIS schools.

No one in Canada gives a damn about the schools in Div. 2. No one can name any of teams, let alone the players on the teams, no one can follow the players to CFL careers. There are no rivalries for fans. There are no games on TV or on radio. There is little to no recognition by any Canadians.

MOST IMPORTANT POINT. Players are not playing for a Champioship that anyone recognizes or even cares about. When we played in the NAIA we did not play in a playoff game in the 37? years of competition. I'm not sure if the GNAC has some sort of guarantee of national playoffs if you win the conference, or if you have to be voted in if you go undefeated. But who cares maybe SFU will get to play some sh&tty school from Indiana that no one gives a sh#t about. And they will get 4 paragraphs in the back of the sports section.

The people at SFU have this idea that the way they did it back in the old days was better, and that athletics in NCAA Div. 2 is better. However, I think all of you and myself will witness in the next few years that this is not the case, and unfortunately I think we have seen the begining of the end of SFU Football. I wonder if they will get a real stadium on campus before then. At least they will have a place to put the tombstone.