St. FX may have the best lawnbowling team in the CIS......but their football team sucks. I SIR SPUD, being of sound mind (mostly sound anyway ) do hereby challenge one person by the name of LT to an AVATAR DUAL!!!

LT if the XMEN should be victorious over SMU this week I shall wear an X avatar of shame for 7 full days......if SMU is victorious than you shall adore yourself with a SMU avatar for 7 full days.

It goes without saying that these Avatars will of course be of a CUSTOM nature and NOT off the off the rack are for peasant types...not those of noble birth.

What say you, you tiny person with hairy ankles and much nose son of goat hearding molases jar sticky type cross dressing noodle type?

The Mighty SMU shall make nasty work of the tiny little scared ...bery scared.....SMU by 18!!!!!!!:D

Oh the Imortal words of (me).....I'M IN