Being a gentleman by nature, I like to deliver a challenge in the way of the higher social classes. However, since we seem condemned to fight the dirty and the ugly, I'll adapt my level of language to them... I ask the more civilized of you to forgive what will follow if it offend you.

After changing into my dirtiest clothes, I find a carabums fan. I take him by the unclean holey jeans he (happily) wears and throw him head first in a full garbage can. Hearing muffled sound, I take his head out to hear him say:
"Thanks for the free lunch."
Seeing my delicate diplomatical approach is misunderstood, I take his lunchbox, throw it open and pour the content into his previously described jeans including the green and black mold living inside it. In the lunch box, not the jeans. I don't care to know what proliferate in his pants.
I then give him a few classical gallic "baffes"(*) to wake him from his smog induced stupor.

I, lord Fenris, challenge you to risk your Avatar against the Mighty Rouge et Or this week-end! The winner has the bragging right until the 2009 season. The loser MUST wear the winner's team avatar or the winner's choice of avatar. Moreover, the said loser will praise the other team every day for a week until friday. After that, he may wear again his own avatar in deep shame.

I append the following:
Anyone accepting the challenge may ask for a personnal chalenge with another chalenger. In this case, the loser will submit to any indignities the winner specify before the game within the boundaries of good taste as defined by CJ.

May Laval... Ooops... May the better team win!

Of course, anyone not accepting the challenge is a cur, a coward and merit any indignities we may pour on him or her.

May the right be upheld!

(*) A "baffe" is a slap as only Obelix can give them, of course.