I can't believe I'm ending up breaking the Avatar Challenge ice in WEEK TWO of the 2008 season. Sure doesn't say much for fans in conferences that already drew first blood

I expected Pan Lady to come out swimming her rolling pin in support of the Lancers and Linda to break a few nails in the action during the last game, if not after ... . Not surprized with CanWest fans wanting to keep their squabbling in the LOS - they're all non drinkers & wouldn't be able to control themselves after a few pints here

Well, my "X ambassador" tag in the LOS doesn't carry here.

For a start, I wish Mount A to drastically improve their wins this season & they're likely to do so against the SMUcks and the Lumberjacks.

BUT, no chance against the "Mighty X" (™), as the X-Men will soon be known all across CIS Football lala-land. Mighty X will prove so superior in this game that the Ducks will be lucky to score 6 points ](and only because they have a great kicker).

So, I'M IN and I hope to face an opponent worthier than The Twin in this challenge.