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Thread: I feared for my life.

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    Default I feared for my life.

    A few months ago, I got up in the morning and found as I poured milk in my coffee that my hand was shaking. Nothing big, just a little more than a shiver.

    When I saw my doctor, she said it should be investigated. In my mind, I was already thinking of Parkinson's disease, Alzeimer's and others more or less likely sicknesses.

    She had me do extensive tests. She loves testing things on me. Blood tests, urine tests... After two months, the symptoms were getting worse.

    She examined me again (another month's wait to see her). By then, I was shaking every morning like a drug addict trying to replace crystal meth with Earl Grey.

    "No matter what, I still get to the conclusion you're showing drug craving symptoms. Did you take any drugs previously?"

    "Coffee, a little alcohol. I stopped smoking 25 years ago. I don't see anything else... I hope we can find the trouble before fall."

    She asked distractedly "You have something planned?"

    "Football will be back at last..."

    Before I could go on, she suddenly leaned toward me plunging her crystal blue eyes into mine like she was examining my soul.

    After ten long seconds, she asked "Do you think the Rouge et Or is better than Western?"

    She had just hit my ON button. I started giving my arguments to prove how much better the Rouge et Or is.

    She stopped me. "This is nothing serious. Your symptoms just went down. You'll be okay around this September."

    Light dawned at last. "I'm having drawback symptoms because I need football?"

    She broke the eye contact. "No. Not at all."

    I stared at her. "I miss the crowd? It can't be the hot dogs? The tailgate?"

    Before I went on, she lifted a hand to stop me. "No. I have a few Laval fans with similar problems but never to that extent."

    I waited for the other shoe to drop.

    "You're having cold turkey symptoms because you need... bragging."

    Can't wait for the better team to get the cup, whatever cups will be available the fall.
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