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Thread: GGs Recruit British QB, French DLineman

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    It's a fun story, it won't be easy for either player to step in University football, I doubt they've seen a lot (if any) competition.
    London's NFL Academy hopes to play some games against European teams this spring, If they do, our new QB may arrive at camp with more recent game experience than anybody else. He is young, and I think it is reasonable to feel that it will be a season or two before he adjusts to 3 down, 12 man football.

    CoachMB is quite impressed with the passing acurracy he demonstrated at the combine Reynolds attended in Orlando. He also did some Zoom calls with him, showed him some videos of Canadian Football and asked him what he saw. He liked his ability to see what was happening.

    I checked out NFL Academy's Twitter feed and saw that several other team mates have received NCAA offers for 2021. A German QB has been recruited by Texas Christian U. They seem to know what they are doing over there.

    Freslon, the DT/DE who plays for the French National team and played 2019 in Cegep Div3 will probably be in tough. I think defensive line is one area where the Gee-Gees will have a lot of returning veterans ( and some good recruits) and it will be hard to crack the line-up. I note that he is also a punter, so he might try make the line-up on special teams.

    CoachMB says that he wants to recruit at least two international players each year. He is working at establishing good connections and rapport with some European teams. That way he can keep tabs on who might be good prospects for the Gee-Gees, and help grow NA football in Europe. Perhaps our recruting co-ordinator, Denis Piche, can help with that. It has been quite a few years, but Denis was a HC in France for something like three years and knows the territory.
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