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Thread: A new all Canadian Senior (semi-pro) league ?

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    Default A new all Canadian Senior (semi-pro) league ?

    Let's say the CFL and XFL venture proceeds to some sort of merger - with American rules and American players (almost assuredly mostly) = selling out / abandoning real Canadian football.

    Do any of you guys think a new all Canadian league - (Canadian rules; players must have played in the Canadian system (minor, HS, Junior or U Sport ball) to qualify; played in the summer - 12 game sched. June to Aug. with play-offs in early Sept. (= little over-lap with XCFL, NFL, NCAA or U Sport ball); players paid something decent (say $1500 - to $2000 per game on a 39 man roster, with chance at play-off or all-star recognition bonus money -call that semi-pro if need be); 6 teams at first in the Maritimes thru Quebec into Ontario VIA rail line (get Via as a major sponsor with tourism/ game day trips for fans promoted); need stadiums capable of hosting at least 7K plus attendance - so Moncton, Quebec/Peps; Montreal (Saputo? or McGill), Ottawa (Lansdowne), Kingston (Richardson), Toronto (Lamport say) or London (TD) - whatever 6 step up best, as the franchises ... - would have any chance of getting off the ground and having any sort of success ?

    Looking for attendance in the 6 K plus range (one home game every 2 weeks in the summer).

    Could getting a TV outlet to show a game of the week on National TV be do-able ?

    Would Football Canada and existing teams/organisations (U Sport, Junior, Senior) with logistics and football know-how get on board to help ?

    Would there be some sponsors, benefactors, businessmen - to help out with start-up and coaching/training staff costs ? Would any decent advertisers be interested?

    Social media reach ?; or single game betting somehow worked in?

    Would there be decent fan support for such a new league ?

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