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Who at least have some history with Hufnagel as GM of giving a Canadian QB a look: Sinopoli on their roster at QB for a couple of seasons till he got converted to receiver; and Buckley later who graduated to #2 on their depth chart; so, hopefully a good spot for O'Connor
Sinopoli held that roster spot until a Bo Levi Mitchell showed up in camp. Hard to fault the Stamps for choosing Bo ahead of Sinopoli for their 3rd string spot. Bad luck for Sinopoli that he ended up there the same time as they recruited the best QBs to enter the league during that time period. It turned out okay for Sinopoli though, since he got to go back to Ottawa and become the league's top Canadian receiver.

Buckley had even more confidence from Calgary. He wasn't just a 3rd string developmental guy. He was their backup QB. He got to play a bit, and he did quite well out there. I'm not sure if he left because he was getting indications they'd likely be replacing him, or whether he was just done with football. It would've been interesting if he had stayed and if he could've hung on to that backup job over Arbuckle. Arbuckle used his opportunity in Calgary to become a CFL starter. Maybe it could've been Buckley instead?

Now Calgary has O'Connor fighting it out for the backup spot with the same American QB he was competing with in Toronto (Prukop). Both looked good in limited playing time. With the recent change to 2 QB rosters, it isn't unthinkable that both could dress. A team may be more willing to use a national roster spot on a backup QB than they would've been in the past.