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Thread: Best U Sport QB of the past 20 years ?

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    Default Best U Sport QB of the past 20 years ?

    Going from 2000 season on.

    Looking for best overall QB talent/skill-set (and not just wins/Vaniers in a team game) = passing arm - accuracy, arm strength, deep throw capability; mobility - ability to scramble, buy time and run for yardage + first downs; plus intangibles like leadership and toughness.

    Lots of good candidates and Hec & Vanier winners : Dennison, Glavic, Groulx, Quinlan, Buckley, O'Connor, Merchant, Sinagra

    I'd vote for a guy who did not win the Hec - Hugo Richard - because of passing arm + good mobility + toughness & leadership (the Vanier wins help though but i guess it could be argued his success was cause he was on THE powerhouse team? )

    2nd vote - who is most under-rated who could be on the list / near the top ?

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