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    Does this mean upon completion when you enter those buildings it won't seem like a million degrees anymore like you're in the depths of hell?

    Surprised they aren't just going to put a couple sea cans up and tell them to use those as locker rooms.
    I sure hope the new building will be a lot better than those old Algonquin College hand -me-downs. It costs a lot. For a decade it has been said that The Faculty of Health Sciences needed new digs and the Lees was a good place to put them. Finally it is happening. It is part of a three prong effort. Soon, probably in 2021, uOttawa will start to build a new 250,000 square foot Medical Research Building at the Hospital Campus in Alta Vista. It is a partnership among uOttawa,The Ottawa Hospital,The Federal Gov't, and private enterprises that do research in health and medicine. The third prong is upgrades and expansion of the Faculty Of Medicine building which is also in Alta Vista. A big investment in Health Science and Medical teaching and research in Ottawa. uOttawa has floated a $300 million dollars debenture for these projects. The rest to come from govenment, grants , and private sources.

    I have wondered about temporary and portable dressing rooms, but there may be reasons why that is not feasible. Stay tuned though, things can evolve and change.
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    Founded in 1848, the University of Ottawa adopted its official colours Garnet and Grey, and like many nineteenth-century institutions, the athletics teams were known only by the school's colours. Eventually, a connection was made between the shorthand "GGs" and "Gee-Gee", the common British nickname for a racehorse. The unique Gee-Gees name and iconic logo known today is a result of 170 years of history in Ottawa

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