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Thread: U Sports players to US CGS all-star game

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    Default U Sports players to US CGS all-star game

    Grant McDonald (LB - Dinos) & P-O Lestage (O-line - Carabins) accept invites to this game (per 3 Down Nation) = congrats.

    Wonder if the US Shrine all-star game will go ahead - and who would be the U Sports invites (with no recent season of play to go by) ? I'd vote for DB Nelson Lokombo (Sask. Huskies) and receiver Will Corby (U of T)

    *Edit* - Shrine Game cancelled due to Covid; but P-O Lestage (O-line, Carabins) and Nelson Lokombo (DB , Huskies) named to the "virtual" team for whatever goes on there?
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