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    Thanks for sharing Chappy.
    With more Covid restrictions, cases climbing. Toronto back in lockdown, And are we next.....certainly needed a chuckle

    My cat was starring me down as I ate my dinner yesterday. If he had the chance he would have lifted the salmon off my plate.
    The non stop whining, you’d think I never fed him.....His majesty is fed before anyone else. I eventually broke down and shared some. Big mistake....Just so he could start the whining all over again.

    I see the shoppers were out in full force Saturday, mall parking lots crammed. Sigh. People buying ahead of anticipated closures.
    I can only imagine it would have been crazier in Toronto. Ordered online, sent my family out west a package.

    It snowed yesterday. Thankfully the weather came to it’s senses after some cuss words, temps rose, snow melted. Now perhaps I should apply that philosophy to my cat. Nah, wouldn’t work. He’s not a quitter - likes fish too much. The aroma was driving him wild. Steak and frites tonight...maybe poutine.
    Sylven, Bizz, Stingerfan, What’s happening out your way? Any poutine or windshield wiper news out your way?
    Ottawa fan...out yours?
    Peter, what’s happening in Guelph?
    Anyone else?
    Well, coffees calling....Uh...and so is my cat. Sigh...Guess who wins?

    Keep the chuckles coming. Could be a long winter.
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    Everything goes in cycles!

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