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    Big difference from Spanish Flu and Covid, Spanish flu, things weren't shut down as they were during Covid. People went to work and it spread more rapidly.
    There weren't all the masks like there are now, the hand sanitizers, etc.
    Science, medical fields were less prepared to manage the flu pandemic back then - there have been substantial advances made in the field of medicine since then.

    The difference lies in baseline mortality rates. People died of causes not associated with H1N1 in 1918, because of poorer hygiene, public health and safety. Therefore, researchers found the relative increase during the early period of the COVID-19 epidemic was "substantially greater" than the peak of the Spanish flu pandemic.
    Many of those broad measures echo 1918-19, but there are some significant differences as well, Jones said.
    "The main one being the closure of workplaces. In 1918-19 people continued to go to work every day if they could and probably often even when they couldn't. They shouldn't have been there when they were ill," she said.
    "Nobody seemed to take seriously the possibility that you would close down major sectors of the economy." People forced themselves to go to work, for fear of losing their jobs and to make money so they could get treatment for family members who were ill. There was no universal health care and there were few unions."So that is very different now, as is the government's willingness in Canada to economically support people during these times," Jones said. "So there have been some things that have fed into the response we're seeing now."Another difference between 1918-19 and 2020 is that the global health system now crucial to the COVID-19 response did not exist a century ago, points out Michael Bresalier, a lecturer at Swansea University in the United Kingdom.

    Households now have less people than they did in 1918 - 19

    “We know that Covid-19 spreads fast and we know that it is deadly – ten times deadlier than the 2009 flu pandemic

    UW expert predicts COVID-19 deaths could surpass Spanish Flu deaths
    A University of Washington global health expert said the United States could reach a coronavirus death toll higher than that of the historic 1918 Spanish Flu as the virus continues to spread at a fast rate.

    And we're on the rise again. Ontario had over 1500 cases reported today. Not good news. That said, our Premier is doing his best to keep businesses open, controlling the size of gatherings in areas.

    Global report: lockdowns start to limit Covid-19 spread in Europe

    I agree, that we are in a terrible situation when it comes to businesses, mental health, etc and so many more businesses could close if there is another lockdown which would mean more and people would be unemployed, living on the streets. That's why hand sanitizing, wearing masks and social distancing is so important until the virus subsides, or we get a vaccine. Govts are trying to keep businesses open but the virus is spreading out of control right now - at an alarming rate, certainly in Ontario.

    I don't have the answers, but I do believe it is important to listen to doctors, medical experts at this point. Considering our health care is more advanced than it was in 1918, it’s understandable why death rates are lower for Covid compared to 1918. Our health care, living conditions have improved over all, there is less crowding. We had shut down businesses, schools at different times during covid, and social distanced wear masks. Much more than what was done in 1918. This had an impact on the numbers of fatalities and cases now vs 1918 - when they didn't have these closures. It sounds like we saved a lot of lives.
    I do feel social distancing, wearing masks, hand sanitizing is important. That is how we can continue to keep the virus in check.
    Govt in Ontario is trying to work hard at not shutting things down again trying to ensure people wear masks, take necessary precautions
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