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    While football players may not have caught the virus on the field of play - the problem is, who they are in contact with before and after the practice, game. Controlling that is the challenge.
    If you can restrict who they come in contact with, go ad in bars, etc and make sure they partake in social distancing, wearing masks, hand sanitizing and don't go where there are large crowds - especially in confined places, then it would work. That however is the challenge. How do you do that with students on campus - who like their social life, and also where they have to travel to other universities to play - possibly in high risk areas. Where do they stay, eat, how you do you regulate who they are in contact with, and where they go? And when classes are back on, how does that work? If that can be regulated, then the risk of getting the virus reduces.
    While there is good news that there will soon be a vaccine, that is still a bit of a ways off, and in the meantime, It's important to wear masks, social distance to prevent the spread of this virus. It's killed young and old alike, and even the young it didn't kill, it has had lasting effects, and in some cases compromised their health. The virus might run itself out by spring, like the 1918 pandemic did, and hopefully the good news about vaccine being 90% effective helps. Would like to see a bit more feedback on the results of those taking the vaccine once it starts - as I think many would before they decide to take it - Also how long it will take to get enough of the vaccine out to everyone. The masks and social distancing, restrictions and lockdowns while a pain and challenging are necessary to control this pandemic and save lives.
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