This is a tight race, but it looks like there's a lot of mail in votes yet to be counted which could favour Biden as many of his supporters mailed in votes... Trump is trying to end - prevent the counting of those votes.
A lot of what happens in the USA impacts us, so it will be interesting to see what happens. ....
Not to mention, with tensions high in the USA, and Donald Trump Falsely Claimed 'We Already Won,' Even Though Votes Have Not Been Counted Or Race Called...this could spark even more tensions....
Glad I don't live there.
This has to be the most bizarre election ever.
Anyone want to venture a guess at who wins this thing? If Trump loses, how do his supporters react?

No Election Winner Yet As Vote Shows Tight Race Between Biden & Trump
Biden Takes Lead In Wisconsin; Pennsylvania, Michigan Still Counting; AP Calls Arizona For Biden; NBC News & Fox Call Ohio & Texas For Trump – Update

SEVENTH UPDATE, 05:00AM PT: Biden has taken a slim lead in his bid to flip the key battle state of Wisconsin. Up to 3% of votes have yet to be counted but the margin, around 30k, will be tough to overturn for Trump, commentators are saying. Ben Wikler, the chair of the Democratic party Wisconsin, just tweeted that “there’s no realistic path for Trump to pull ahead” in the state.

SIXTH UPDATE, 01:30 AM PT: AP is calling Arizona for Biden, with the former VP securing roughly 52% of the vote to flip the state and its 11 electoral votes away from the Republicans. If verified, that will be only the second time the Democrats have won in Arizona since 1948.

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