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McGill - Cederic Dery LB Cegep Victoriaville (sorry many accents missing....no idea the alt + combos to do those).

Waterloo - Jacob Succor DB Notre Dame, Welland, ON
Ottawa - Riley Sagriff WR - 6'2" 185lbs Ernestown SS/Jr Gaels, Kingston, ON
Bishop's - Mathis Henderson - LB Eric Hamber, Vancouver, BC
- Kieran Walters - DL SAC, Aurora, ON
Thanks for the update...
I hear you.... I apologize also for missing accents, and for any typos. The accents can be a bit tricky. From the how to to the where to...

Not sure if this helps.
Saw this For a MAC,
How to type French accents on a MacBook
Acute Accent ( é ): Press “e” while holding the “option” key, release both keys then press “e” again.
Grave Accent ( à, è, ù ): Press ” ` ” while holding down the “option” key, then press either “a”, “e” or “u” to insert a Grave accent above the appropriate letter.

For Other. Looks more complicated.