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Thread: Recruiting updates - Coaching changes for 2021 - Any updates welcomed!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by marton View Post
    Appreciated. I'll take it. That's more than most. lol

    Still a bad way to go but hey... They will do what they will do.
    I wouldn't mind Mac announcing some more recruits early.
    But like DSquared said, maybe they are holding out for a big recruiting class announcement. Looking forward to some good news soon.
    Well Mac has now added 3 recruits...: 2 more than Guelph . Hopefully a bigger announcement is soon to come for Mac, Guelph, and other teams who haven’t announced much yet

    Great to see teams busy with recruiting - some strong recruits. Thanks everyone for contributing. Will be great when we get to follow last and this years recruits - players.
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