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Thread: Recruiting updates - Coaching changes for 2021 - Any updates welcomed!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ottawafan View Post

    A big receiver out of the CJFL with decent speed. He should contend for a starter spot immediately.
    Good one. Thanks for the updates Ottawafan!
    Everything goes in cycles!

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    We have been trying to explain it to Carleton for decades!!!

    This item first appeared on Carleton media. To be fussy, it is officially "Garnet and Grey" , not "Grey and Garnet". They tried but they still did not get it 100% right.

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    Founded in 1848, the University of Ottawa adopted its official colours Garnet and Grey, and like many nineteenth-century institutions, the athletics teams were known only by the school's colours. Eventually, a connection was made between the shorthand "GGs" and "Gee-Gee", the common British nickname for a racehorse. The unique Gee-Gees name and iconic logo known today is a result of 170 years of history in Ottawa

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