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    Default Covid-19, non-football discussions

    Spud's Cyclesguy and all others who want to talk about these topics (sans football) let's do it here.

    Here are several themes we could carry over from the Line of Scrimmage threads:

    I. Hydroxychloroquine - Is it useful in treating Covid? Clinical doctors in South Korea, NY, NJ, MI claim it was effective when combined with Zinc. Why do all the studies that say it is not effective leave out Zinc?

    The study just released in the Lancet was the largest study yet. It looks to be very professional. I saw no obvious flaws with it other than it obscured who funded it and it did not address the most important question - is the combination of HQ & Zinc effective at treating SARS-Cov-2/Covid-19/Wuhan flu? There is no question that Hydroxychloroquine or Chloroquine on their own or with an anti-biotic like Azithromycin or Clarithromycin is not effective and may cause some harm in some patients. WE ALREADY KNOW THAT!

    Now, I think there is a second issue: who is funding all these studies that seem designed to discredit Hydroxychloroquine and why are they they doing it? Follow the money!!

    II. Drinking of Bleach, Lysol etc. - Lots of talk about President Trump having said this. Yet I've never seen anyone actually quote him, produce the transcript or video evidence where he suggested anyone drink. I watched the press conference that started all these memes and I heard him ask a question. After discussion about the ability of simple cleaning products like soap & water, alcohol (>65%), bleach and hydrogen peroxide to effectively kill the virus outside the body, Trump asked if there was any possibility of incorporating that knowledge into research for a treatment for the virus. Maybe a stupid question but no suggestion that anyone drink anything. I say a stupid question because you'd have think that almost every medical researcher out there would have been a couple steps of Trump. Which they were.

    But maybe I missed something. Perhaps Trump did say something after that about people at home drinking cleaning products. Maybe Spud you could Google up the transcript or video evidence of Trump actually saying something like that. But please don't share any links that don't contain Trump's actual words. We all know there are probably 10,000+ links to people talking about Trump saying it. All I want to see is him actually saying it.

    III. Hospitals overrun in NYC? - It seemed obvious to me that hospitals in NYC were close to the brink at the peak. Some probably reached their capacity, others didn't. Very little of the capacity of the temporary hospitals and the USS Comfort hospital ship was used. But in situations like that you have to err on the side of caution and have some excess capacity available. The bigger question here might be why Gov Cuomo forced nursing homes to accept returning Covid-19 patients rather than putting them into some of these temporary hospitals where they could have been properly quarantined and treated. That one decision probably cost hundreds, maybe thousands, of lives.

    IV. The media, Corona virus deniers and Trump bashing Fox - I accept that they are out there but I haven't come across any people or fringe media who believe this is a hoax or part of a conspiracy. I think any sensible person knows this is real. People are dying. At the same time lots of the media are over-hyping it for there own purposes - it's great for ratings. Then there is the whole political side of it. People of all political persuasions are going to try to spin it to hurt their opponents.

    Trump fighting with Fox is not new. Fox News' CEO Roger Ayles was a Never-Trumper. Fox did a hatchet-job on Trump after he was the Republican nominee as nasty as anything CNN/MSNBC etc. have ever done. The Megan Kelly ambush was part of that. Sean Hannity was attacking him. After Trump survived the all-out assault on his campaign in August 2016 [release of the "grab'em by the pussy" video] there was no chance of removing him as GOP nominee. Ayles eventually got on side.

    V. Bernie and the Democratic Party - Bernie has been screwed over twice by the Democratic establishment. I don't know why people would expect anything different. Sanders isn't even a Democrat except when he wants to run a presidential campaign. The Democratic party is too closely tied to Wall St for its funding to make a move to the radical left. The progressive left of the party needs to ask the AOC question: why am I in the same party as Joe Biden? The bigger question may be: Can the party stay together in the longer term? And the next logical question, could a Socialist/Progressive party work in the USA?

    It depends what you mean by work. They could count on hundreds of millions of dollars from George Soros and his organizations, and some of the Silicon Valley billionaires. They have done extremely well raising money from small $ donors. They have been adept at recruiting, organizing and deploying young white radicals in a volunteer movement. They have significant support in the media. The issue might be do they have a large enough voter base. If the Dems remain a left-of-centre party, there is not enough space for a Soc/Prog party. But, if the Dems were to move back to the centre and take back some of the Republican's base in the white working class, the S/Ps might have a chance.

    Feel free to add any of the other non-football topics from L-O-S threads I missed.
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