Wishing everyone a safe, healthy, happy Thanksgiving with family, friends, or by yourselves if you can't get home.
This is certainly a different time and a much different Thanksgiving than most of us are accustomed to.

Let's hope Covid 19 soon comes to an end either on it's own - running out of steam or through, treatment or a vaccine.

Hope all teams, players, coaches stay safe and healthy
Remember to practice social distancing, wear a mask, hand sanitize
Together we can work to close this chapter on Covid, and come back stronger.
It's a time to appreciate what we have, be grateful for our family, friends, Canadian athletes and team sports and get back to Canadian University football - hopefully in spring.
I feel when this is over, there will be a much greater interest in local sports, particularly football

When deprived of things - even those we took for granted or got away from, when they come back, there is often a renewed interest, a much greater appreciation, respect, and participation - including an increase in contribution and fan attendance - live, or video tv audience.

Canada is a great country and we have some excellent university teams including cough.....the Smurfs...I mean who better to beat..... And doesn't Laval know that.
There may also be an interest from south of the border from US players wanting to escape the mess there - to come to Canada where they will get an opportunity to showcase their talent.
So in the meantime, stay safe, stay in shape, eat healthy and get ready for better things to come.
Happy Thanksgiving to all.