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That's why the CEGEP system makes sense. In the two years there, students get drunk, find love, try sex, etc. Some change their objectives and become technicians, others who thought technical school would satisfy them decides to go to university. All in all, the U students that have done their CEGEP are more mature. Eliminating the freshman year is only good for the student.
As the Laurentian saga continues, I cannot help but to feel that the elimination of grade 13/OAC and lack of enough ways to evaluate students beyond grades...may have worsened the situation.

I am less sure about other provinces, but in Ontario many schools have gone too big and too quickly, without enough alternative options given. More students, inadequately prepared, are set up for fails and losing lots of money, and they have to replace the pipeline with international students (before anybody asks, I'm a domestic student). With COVID-19 changing the circumstances....you knew this was going to happen all across North America.

Just my thoughts.