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I know it would be a pipe dream for multiple conferences to actually work together.....but I don't really get how playing a conference only schedule is so much safer in their eyes.

Many of the these conferences have teams from 8, 9, 10+ states.
Not to get into a long-winded discussion about the NCAA, but one idea behind this is that the conference universities can trust each other to implement similar health protocols. If, say, Purdue plays Eastern Indiana University (I made that up) in football, then Purdue is responsible for checking into EIU's health measures (i.e. what EIU is actually doing, not what it says it is doing), and on top of that they know that EIU does not have the budget to implement safety protocols at the level of the Big Ten schools. So, to avoid that mess, they cancel non-conference games.

Also, going conference-only decreases the number of games, period, which makes it much easier if (when?) they have to reschedule games.