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Also a huge percentage of revenue missing, since those internationals are paying higher tuition.

I suspect most places will try to have a mix of in person and online, for the reasons you mention. If it isn't 100% in person, they can time access to the labs to reduce congestion.
Good luck "spreading" the labs occupancy . It's not merely the equipment availability that will be a problem, a much bigger one will be teacher's presence and
support personnel. If you spread the lab hours for the teachers, you'll run into the buzzsaw of the various collective bargaining agreements. Have fun.
As for the support staff, College and U's almost always hire "just enough" to be able to juggle staffing labs without accidentally creating too many Full-time positions. The Unions will be watching like Hawks.
And you can't tele-presence a teacher in a lab. It just won't work.

Good point on the "internationals" . I shudder to see how badly Laval and the UdeMtl finances will be hit. For years the on-Campus joke was that Laval was the largest north-African University with Montreal a close second. I think the Qc gov will be extremely unhappy at the losses it will be expected to cover.