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It is also a strange argument period. It is essentially saying "who cares if it is safe, we might lose out on enrolment if we don't open".

It is entirely true that the pandemic may get people to rethink many things, including paying huge tuition to attend in person classes at traditional universities. However, prematurely opening the schools isn't going to stop that. If the in person experience is truly as valuable as the author says (and I believe it does have a lot of value), they'll have no need to worry about their long term future. People will come back once it is safe to do so.

However, if there is a big outbreak on a campus, that will tarnish a university's brand for a long time.
It s also a bit weird in that it almost appears to be arguing that if playgrounds (and primary/secondary schools) are open, so should universities. That doesn't make much sense, IMO. But, actually the article does not make that argument, which makes me wonder what the point of the first two paragraphs is. (or makes me think that the first two paragraphs are just getting in the way...)