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This us bad not only for the 5th year guys who are excluded, but also for everyone who loses a year of eligibility down the line.

I still don't understand why it is okay for hockey to have wide age gaps and not football. There seems to be a desire to have football be an ideal place for people to come in straight from high school and compete, whereas there is no concern that it is nearly impossible to be similarity competitive in hockey. It is somehow dangerous for a 25 year old to line up across from an 18 year old on the football field, but okay for a 25 year old to level an 18 year old with a body check.

I don't think they'd be able to prove a huge difference in safety if all active USports football players could now play until age 26. If the old 5 in 7 rule was considered legally valid, and the age cap was essentially codifying that, why can't they codify it as 5 in 8 for all current players, given that one of the 8 years isn't a year at all?

They must feel that the age rule is on pretty thin legal ice to begin with given the arguments that they're putting forward. Their worry is losing the rule altogether, but their own arguments and stubbornness may be what sees it challenged and overturned. Had they just followed the advice of the football committee and given everyone one more year, I don't think anyone would've challenged the rule in the first place, and therefore they wouldn't have to worry about losing it.

Typically in Hockey there are a limited number of over-agers allowed.....similarly "star" players will have likely played above their age bracket as they made their way through the system.

If you want to impose a limit on the number of players, that are over-aged in football....how are those determined? Most skilled that are going to help the team, or most needed to fill a team want/need? Academic merit - considering they are supposed to be "Student-Athletes" afterall.

Coach Dobie indicated this affected 29 members of the Bisons.....if some sort of limit of over-agers is applied these numbers certainly won't be close. Gord Grace indicated this decision affected 40-50 players across the OUA. Obviously it's a much larger problem in CW and RSEQ despite instances and players USports wide.

That said, I completely agree as this is a football only rule I don't see why any institution other than the 27 that participate in the sport have any say.