After 18 weeks of confinement, I am very proud to report another first.

This morning, at 0521 hrs, I finished reading ALL THE 22,190 POSTS on, including the 13,764 by my buddy Marton.

To be honest, most of the reading was really enjoyable, but, honestly, some posts made me cringe at times, in particular those by 24 and Informed (who, by the way, hasn't been on the forum since Nov 16, 2019)...

Some were so f&%"/! boring it makes me regret the "cycle" of life. My next project is to write a book about police interrogation tactics and the best way to get a suspect to confess without physical harm. Here is the way to do it:

  1. Hire someone to completely clean this forum, and leave on it only the 2,869 posts by this guy:
  2. Force the suspect to read them out loud without interruption. Guaranteed he would crap himself and crack up before reaching the halfway mark.

All in all, it was an interesting read. I really laughed reminiscing the time when Dog Pound members were the bullies on the forum, and the poor X fans were pulling their hair out trying to prove that SMU was managed by the worst bunch of cheaters that ever lived.

Also, I was saddened to see the big hopes of Pan Lady crushed when Windsor did not become best OUA team.

I had big laughs reading Spud's humourous posts and was disappointed when Big Jake's stopped posting when Blake Nill moved to Calgary. I'm still in contact with him and, to this day, he still hate the X-Men with a passion.

I was reminisced of the good times I had attending games and meeting so many true CIS football fans at tail gates (not so for Western fans).

But mostly, I now understand why the CIS football fan base is so low. We have 1,233 Members on this forum, but only 151 are active. It does not bode well for our future...

Meanwhile, I will turn off my laptop tonight and continue my isolation far out in the woods listening to the buzz of mosquitoes (by the way, Bizz is a buddy of mine, although our relationship did not start well, but he has mellowed since ), the croaking of toads and the howling of wolves.

My hope upon my return is that RSEQ teams will have decided to compete a bit this fall and that Trump continues to shape the future of the world...

Enjoy your pandemic summer y'all