I hadn't seen this reported yet anywhere in this forum. Along with many people, I'd just assumed that the extension of eligilbilty due to the 2020 season being lost for most would also apply to those who would age out of eligibility - Apparently not the case.

U Sports football age cap, pandemic combine to cut short players' careers

Cancellation of championship games spells end for roughly 300 athletes
Here's the CBC story on it.

Hits the Huskies hard with the sudden ineligibility of Colton Klassen among others.


To have non-football schools voting on this makes no sense to me. From Farhan Lalji:
I spoke to @UACoachMorris who sits on @USPORTSca Football Technical Subcommittee which guides most football decisions. They voted UNANIMOUSLY to extend the age cap for one season. Nonetheless representatives from all schools (many of which do not offer football) voted against it