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The main problem with the decision making is that governments sometimes make decisions for economic reasons rather than medical ones. They're willing to let infections rise in an attempt to open up more of the economy. The problem is there isn't evidence that the economy has benefited from such moves. Sweden had a much higher infection and death rate than their neighbours, but the exact same economic decline. They killed people for an economic gain that never materialised. What the data is telling us so far is that most of the damage to the economy is caused by the virus existing, independent of any lock-down measures we put in place to fight it. It turns out that politicians ignoring the virus doesn't make the problem go away, because the global economy doesn't have the ability to ignore a pandemic. You can't legislate away the economic damage of a global pandemic, but you can mitigate the health consequences. Given that, I'd prefer that public health decisions were made for medial reasons only.
One might add that governments sometimes make decisions for political reasons rather than medical ones.