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If by someone else you mean the RSEQ--yes--they must have a league to play in and the RSEQ will decide if they will. As for football, fall b-ball and hockey the OUA has decided that they will not play. You expect them to play games without opponents?

How can that possibly be construed as not caring?
I agree its not justified to say they don't care - I take that back!

However, it does suggest that they think it is safe to run sports teams in the fall - otherwise they would not consider running the RSEQ teams. Which is interesting, since it implies that they think the OUA is wrong to shut down their sports teams. (unless they have an idea that Toronto is less safe than Montreal, or something like that...)

I just don't think you can say that it is too big a risk to run teams in the OUA but an OK risk to run teams in the RSEQ.

Their position must be that it is OK as far as they are concerned to run teams in the fall - but unfortunately for football, etc. they don't have a league to play in.