The biggest story of the off-season is the unfortunate demise of the Horny Ones. This loss is somewhat blunted by the fact that TWU is joining the CW from the BCIHL and Macewan is coming from the ACAC. But coming a year after they hosted the U-Cup makes me wonder why they never devoted fundraising for the meat and potatoes, instead of the fancy dessert.

➤ Global News: University of Lethbridge committee to explore future of cancelled Pronghorns hockey programs
➤ UofL: Budget constraints spell end for University of Lethbridge hockey programs

Speaking of Holy Trinity, their coach is Barret Kropf from Estevan, Saskatchewan. I found a local news story about him.

➤ Estevan Mercury: Former Estevan resident preparing team for big jump

The biggest news on a national level is the cancellation of the fall sports (e.g. football) and the announcement that there would be no league play in CW hockey (amongst other sports) until the new year. Earlier, they had announced plans for a 20-game season in hockey (down from 28) and 5 games in football (down form 8).

This leaves maybe 10 weeks for a regular season and playoffs, if they want to keep the U-Cup in mid-March. I wouldn't be surprised to see playoffs truncated, perhaps confined to a single weekend conference tournament. That is all conjecture, though.

So no Vanier Cup, nor national tournaments of any type, in football, soccer, rugby, or field hockey.

I see that UVic's soccer teams are looking at an exhibition season for the new year. This may have applicability for other teams in other sports as well.

The Star-Phoenix story points out that we'll be waiting until October 8th for news on the January season, and the door is left open for provincial regulation. IMO, this makes an "unofficial" season for many teams a possibility.

A decision on first-semester individual sports — including cross-country at the U of S — will be made no later than July 15, following further consultation. For sports that span across both first and second terms — including basketball, hockey, track and field, volleyball and wrestling for Huskie Athletics — a decision will be made no later than Oct. 8 during the Canada West fall meetings, with those sports starting no sooner than January 2021.
For Canada West teams, decisions on any upcoming return to training will be made individually by members and will be based on university policies and guidelines from their respective provincial health authority.
➤ Winnipeg Sun: Canada West cancels fall university sports season, meaning no football or soccer for Bisons and Wesmen
➤ Global News: U Sports cancels 6 national championships due to COVID-19 pandemic
➤ CBC: Vanier Cup among national U Sports championships cancelled because of COVID-19 pandemic
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The Bisons had a small group of three grads (Adam Henry, Sean Christensen, and Jonah Wasylak) last year, all of whom found pro jobs in the ECHL before that season was cancelled. Also, first year goaltender Riley Lamb (who shared starting duties with Tyler Brown) also got a job.

Henry got a boat-load of awards, including top defenceman in the CW, first team all-star in the CW, and second team all-star in USports.

One former Bison not looking to ride the buses in the minors is Stephane Lenoski, who is now a MD.

➤ ECHL Tweet: Christensen and Wasylak to Norfolk
➤ ECHL Tweet: Adam Henry to Fort Wayne
➤ ECHL Transactions: Riley Lamb to Greenville
➤ GoBisons: Adam Henry named a 2019-20 Canada West First Team All-Star
➤ GoBisons: Adam Henry named Canada West Top Defenceman and recipient of Student-Athlete Community Service Award
➤ GoBisons: Adam Henry named a 2019-20 U SPORTS Second Team All-Canadian
➤ WHL: WHL Beyond Hockey: Stephane Lenoski — Sports Medicine Physician

Out on the East Coast, coach Trevor Steinburg is leaving the SMUskies after 23 years. He was national coach-of-the-year three times in that era.

➤ Chronicle-Herald: Stienburg steps down as SMU hockey coach after 23 years

The Province of Manitoba has pretty much eliminated the Wuhan virus and a local sports summer should get off the ground. FWIW, Manitoba's numbers are:

8 active cases, none of which are in hospital
285 recovered cases
7 deceased

That is a below-average flu season!

Local Manitoba baseball and softball people have announced that their seasons will be starting soon. Could hockey be far behind? And if minor can be played, why not university hockey? It seems you just need to complete some forms, and away you go!

Both associations, which had their seasons delayed because of COVID-19, got the go-ahead from Sport Manitoba and the government to return to the diamonds after submitting their Return to Play documents.
➤ Portage Online: Baseball and Softball Seasons Will Return This Summer