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    Quote Originally Posted by Sylven View Post
    I'm glad I did!

    The Old Québec is a UNESCO classified site. Larger, older and better preserved than the Old Montréal.

    Yeah, the Montmorency Falls are a mere 10-minute drive from downtown. Very impressive.
    Well I am grateful to you for letting me know. You're right, Montreal pales in comparison.
    Visiting Quebec City will be like being in France. Excellent Culture, food, history, scenery, architecture, ambiance.
    And of course the language....although my total French vocabulary, is Merci, Bonjour, Au revoir. ...and a few other words........
    I love that Quebec City is a walled city. Very impressive, rare and only city like it in NA - In that respect it reminds me of Carcassone France - Dubrovnik, Lucca - San Gimignano Italy, Segovia.
    Great to hear the falls are close to downtown.
    I see there are some good hiking trails also.

    And for me.. Nothing beats a croissant in the morning from a Boulangerie, with espresso coffee.
    Interesting streets; Rue du Cul-de-sac, Sault-au-Matelot, Couillard, Rue Sous-le-Cap, St. Paul, des Remparts, Rue Sous-le-Fort
    Great restaurants -
    ....where to begin

    La Citadelle, Grand Market, Quartier Petit Champlain, Breakneck stairs....... - will have to revisit Château Frontenac and Ahhhhh, I see you have whale watching also...... That's it. That's my trip this summer.
    And we need to get tourism back up and running - ASAP starting in Canada.
    My favourite restaurant in Hamilton closed to move to another area in Hamilton with more space and was supposed to open in Spring. Rapscallion. Of course, they're not open......
    Toronto and area is interesting also, some excellent Italian, Spanish, French, Indian, M E, Japanese, Chinese, Canadian, but it's not.... you know...the same as Quebec City.... That speaks history, I will need to polish up on French... QC will be Europe....only much closer. Merci beaucoup.
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