I will say this....we wouldn't be in the mess we are if those Those running long term care centres, - mostly private ownership of these homes, took better care of the way the homes are run and most importantly better care of the seniors. Canadian armed forces report - the results are pretty disgusting. Let's hope owners are held accountable. It's the only way things change.
Here's the report after Canadian military were visiting long term care centres....

Cockroaches, rotten food, patients with ulcers left bed-bound, staff moving from unit to unit wearing contaminated gear.
Those are just some of the disturbing details in a Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) report made public Tuesday, based on the observations of its members at five Ontario long-term care homes.
Here's the report

Canadian researchers have moved a step closer to human trials of a COVID-19 vaccine.
In the global race to wipe out the coronavirus, a made-in-Canada vaccine appears to be a real possibility. Researchers at the University of Saskatchewan’s Vaccine and Infectious Disease Organization – International Vaccine Centre, are hoping to start human trials in the fall.There are currently as many as 100 experimental vaccines being developed for the virus around the world, including a collaboration between Canada and China.Meanwhile, another vaccine is already approved for human testing in Canada, with trials set to begin next week.

Some promising news...

Ontario reports lowest number of new COVID-19 cases since end of March

Hopefully the downward trends mean we might be seeing a possible end in sight to the devastation caused by this virus,
Good news on their research towards finding a vaccine

Canadian coronavirus vaccine candidate delivers promising results in animal tests


More than 90% of Canadian deaths from coronavirus are those over age 60

This is where society needs to focus on making improvements - to seniors homes, long term care, retirement residences.

We're on a downward trend today, let's hope this continues and also, that the dire situation for nursing - retirement homes improve.

Ontario reports lowest number of new COVID-19 cases in nearly two months