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Just to illustrate that things can change rapidly...

Beijing have just closed their schools and asked to limit any travels to those absolutely necessary.

They were first for the spread and this could very well be the foreshadowing of the second wave we all knew would come sooner or later.

We're not out of the woods just yet.
And Cancelled 1225 flights at their Brand new Godzilla-sized Airport too.. Well Beijing had been mostly spared in the 1st wave
and you can't blame the CCP from freaking out, pretty much the entire Part leadership is in the "Critical-to-Deadly" age bracket and about 80% of them
are in Beijing, even their "downright youthful" President, Xi is vulnerable at 67.

Hopefully after Justin's bid for a U.N.SecCouncil seat dies in today's ( wednesday) vote in NYC it won't be necessary to continue to play fluffer-boy to China and
we can make sure not to accept any planes from there this time !