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Thread: Any Official Updates for the Fall?

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    I see a lot of exaggeration into that sentence. It's not all health care services that were neglected, far from it. It's essentially, if not solely, the health care services provided to our seniors, whether in long-term care centres or nursing homes.

    Meanwhile, the RSEQ, with its legendary pro-activity, is envisaging all solutions to the 2020 university football season but mostly cancelling it. I like it so much the way they defend the student-athletes, the passion for their sports and, more generally, their physical and mental health. Essentially, they say social distancing will be impossible for football and other teams sports. Errr, are you sure about that?

    Social distancing is also impossible for elementary school kids but yet, they're back in school in Québec (save Montréal area) and everything is going just fine. May I also remind them that that there's been zero casualties due to coronavirus for kids, teens and young adults under 30 out of the 4300+ deaths so far in Québec. NOT A SINGLE ONE. Also, it's been proven that being killed by lightning is more likely for people under 30 than being killed by the coronavirus. But as far as I know, we've never prevented them from playing outdoor sports because of the risks of being hit by lightning before.

    This is getting ridiculous preventing kids, teens and young adults from resuming their normal lives while there's zero risk for them to do so. It's people over 70 that need protection because they're vulnerable. Look at the stats goddamnit and act accordingly!
    The sentence says NEGLECT in any... What is getting underlined; Neglect, the complement...

    Maybe I should have written: any and all neglect in... That was my meaning.
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