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There is still a fair bit of time left before they have to decide. I would imagine they are taking their time to evaluate and monitor the situation with Covid19. This is not something they're going to rush into. Let's see what happens in a couple of weeks after everyone has been out in the warm weather.
If all classes are online, that actually would make it safer for the players.
I would imagine if they go ahead, the games will look different, most likely a reduced schedule, less travel. Here's a couple of interesting articles. It seems like they are trying to find ways to safely work things out, while also monitoring the cases of Covid.

University of Windsor athletic director Mike Havey says it's still too early to tell how the COVID-19 pandemic will impact Lancer sports. JASON KRYK / Windsor Star



Just because it hasn't been announced, doesn't mean there won't be OUA football this fall - doesn't mean there will be. They are in no rush to announce.

U Sports grapples with how to play with no student-athletes in class

I'm thinking about it a bit differently - I think if the classes are online, there's no way they are going to run a football team.

In other words, I think the decision to run their courses online - which the universities have to decide now in order to tell the incoming first-years - effectively is a decision to shut down football and the other fall sports.

This may not have filtered down to the athletic departments yet