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You should include the date of that quote... March 26th? Pretty sure his opinion has changed since.
Fauci's opinion certainly has changed.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, the government's top infectious diseases expert, emphasized the dangers of Covid-19 on Tuesday, contradicting President Donald Trump's false claim that the coronavirus was only as deadly as the flu.
People infected with Covid-19 do display "flu-like" symptoms, Fauci said Tuesday in an interview with NBC News' Kate Snow. But the damage the coronavirus can do "is very much different from influenza."

Not to mention Trump knew and deliberately downplayed the seriousness and deadliness of the virus when he learned about it, at a time, where he should have shared that with the medical profession and listened to scientists, doctors.


President Trump admits deliberately downplaying the dangers of the coronavirus to the American people - knowing it was very serious, deadly, dangerous. He didn't encourage social distancing, or wearing a mask and today he has Covid19, but fortunately has the world's best doctors treating him - Since he learned he had covid, he removed his mask in public and did photo op in his car, with secret service, putting their health at risk.