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    Quote Originally Posted by LiveBreatheFootball View Post
    Thank you for your comments! Much appreciated.

    Graduate courses are going fine. Some departments allow for mostly hybrid options in terms of courses, while others do almost entirely online. The latter is certainly frustrating, especially as someone who usually is worst off when it comes to online courses, but sometimes that's what happens.

    Fortunately, this semester is a lighter one when it comes to workload so I am going to be spending more time working on PhD applications and of course, working on my thesis. Fortunately it is doable virtually, due to the availability of digitised sources, but that's all I could say about it now.

    As for crowded flights, I assume oopsie daisies like this happen as Air Canada and other carriers scramble to figure out how to do this on domestic level. Certainly, international flights haven't had to deal with such problems because of lower demand, but this also means that domestic demand's going to be relatively higher. That's not something we could avoid at this point.

    Fortunately, everybody still wore masks as asked- Air Canada provided the masks and other sanitary products upon boarding, but many people continued to wear what they brought - in my case, I wore a couple of masks that were imported from my parents' care packages because they were much more comfortable than those provided by AC. Regardless of products, though, AC has done a good job with sanitary measures and deserves to be praised for it, I guess.

    As for trips to Europe, it's a good thing that Canadian citizens are still allowed to go without restrictions as much the other way- that's something that Canada, as a country, has earned the right (likewise goes to Korea and Japan, who were also included on that first round of lists a month or two ago). Hopefully it works out on your front as well.

    I don't know how postsecondary institutions will move forward with it, but for winter term, University of Toronto has cancelled all outbound travels until April, which hampers everybody's mandatory internships (exchange was long cancelled anyways) on my program. For now many of us are looking to go over the summer, but if that's not the possibility, virtual internship will be available which would be no less than pathetic. Of course, that's not my grad coordinator nor department's fault- it's the university administration that's particularly stubborn over it, so everybody's just fuming but without a source to vent. Oh well....

    I think that's all I could say for now. I am going to refrain from going on political fronts here, mostly because I'm busy working on thesis. Thank you for asking, and sorry for delays on that front.
    Great to hear from you and thank you for the update and info on courses, flights, trips to Europe.
    Good to hear this semester is a lighter one in terms of workload for you, which should help out with mostly online courses. Certainly hope this pandemic fades away by spring. All the best with your studies, thesis, PhD applications. I expect you will do very well, I would imagine most people are feeling the same challenges with online courses.

    Good to hear international flights are in better shape - social distancing wise, than domestic carriers - as there will be less demand now for vacation travel outside of Canada. Most travel would be business, medical, or visiting family. So that makes sense. Hoping things get better for my trip to Europe in spring, but if not, that might get pushed to summer.... Thanks for the good wishes.
    I would imagine outbound travels being canceled until April at U of T will have a big impact on internship, and if not possible in summer, going virtual will have even more challenges. I can't imagine. Let's hope Covid is in decline by end of winter, and barely active if at all in spring so that things can resume to normal....whatever the new normal will be.

    I hear you on the political aspect. There was a lot going on, debate, etc.

    Hopefully, Trump and his team getting Covid19 might make a few people especially in the USA change the way they conduct business. Not everyone will have the same level of care as the President of the USA. So wearing masks and washing hands, social distancing, is certainly a positive, If we all do our part that way, we can control and hopefully seriously reduce or eliminate this thing. And things can start to open back up again...for good, with no restrictions.
    Re Trump - While there were a lot of mixed reports, looks like his oxygen levels were of concern, along with his temp, etc. They're giving him a lot of different meds as well, steroids - The medical team said Trump had been given dexamethasone, a steroid, after his blood oxygen level dipped on Saturday, and Remdesivir. At one point, his White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows said the president’s symptoms were “very concerning”
    Trump's ex wife acknowledged he had been careless. Hopefully Biden doesn't get it, after attending the debate with Trump.

    I feel until at least spring, we need to be mindful to wear masks, etc. This second round is supposed to be worse.

    All that said, I feel you will have a good year. You'll be able to manage the challenge of virtual learning, and will be able to help others going through similar.
    Hoping after spring, Covid mostly has run it's course. Courses resume as usual, and travel is open again.

    Keep us posted on your courses! Have a great week!!
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