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GHF, you (and many others) only see a disease like Covid-19 as just a mortality rate kind of thing, which it isn't. There are other factors in play.

I think it is you that said something about the choice of words matters... "shutting down the global economy for 8-12 months" is a TOTALLY wrong assesment of the reality of the current situation...
Yep. A good giveaway that someone is detached from reality is if they still compare Covid to the flu (which nobody credible does), or if they talk as if we're still under a lock down or are about to shut down our entire economy.

I see the "flu" comparison has now changed to a mythical "strong flu", which I guess is the only way to continue making such an absurd comparison given that way more people have died from Covid than the flu.

Certain people that like to spend lots of time arguing about death rate, yet pay no attention to people actually dying. The reality is really simple; less spread equals less deaths. Since people don't like that inconvenient reality, they choose to bog everyone else down in the theoretical and abstract in order to distract from what is plainly in front of us all. Ironically, the people not taking it serious enough are the same people who will cause the lock down that they so fear/hate.