Another CFL draft in the books - congrats to all the U Sports players who got selected and go get em in the pros (if there is ever CFL ball again?)

More usual weird, whacky or questionable CFL draft picks (one season GG DE A. Pae - 27 now and out of football for some time) goes 13th overall to the Esks ?)

Hec & Vanier winning QB Adam Sinagra goes totally un-picked = no surprise there from the clique of myopic & biased CFL decision makers who have no use for U Sports QBs.

All-Canadian C Sam Lefebvre (Laval) not drafted at all either - any Laval fans know what is up there? - is he injured or told CFL GMs he had no interest turning pro? Same deal for Conference all-star receivers M. Bockru (Manitoba) & B. Hall (Laurier). All 3 of those guys were at the East-West game last spring which is supposed to be for top CFL draft prospects ? - WTF would they go totally undrafted, and when you see some of the other guys who did get picked in the mid to late rounds ?